Life of a Fisherman

July 3, 2018


The Fisherfolk of Montserrat are many, ranging from those on the rock with basic line, sinker and yo-yo, to those that explore underwater for themselves coming face to face, stalking their prey in a challenge of wills and ingenuity.


There are available deep drop fishing for the tasty red and black snapper, and trolling for big game fish, tuna and wahoo. Netting and potting bring in most of the household favorites like gar. You can often times see the regulars on days when the weather is sublime casting lines from their fishing poles in hopes of Jacks, Snapper, Triggerfish or Spanish Mackrel.


There are any number of ways for a visitor to get a chance to enjoy the thrills of fishing in the crystal watser of the Emrald Isle of the Caribbean: Montserrat. Trips range in price and experience, boating fishing either on a reef trolling deep drop or scuba and free diving using spear and sling. All trips are subject to weather conditions which were been mild November into January 2018.

At the end all are invited to take part in the consumption and if so inclined the preparation of your own catch. 
Check in with some of the local fisherman for their own favourite recipes for which of their favourite fish.


Written by: @barefootmontserrat Photographer: @oliviaisobella (IG)Location: Little Bay, Montserrat. 

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