Soufriere Living

September 20, 2018

Soufriere Living, created with the love and passion, Roniqua Gerald decided to share what inspires her with the island of Montserrat in the hopes to inspire the rest of the world. Being reminded daily by her love for quotes that you can do anything! “Believe In you” life is really what you make it. 

"The idea came around three years ago when I going through different changes in my life." Roniqua Gerald.

Roniqua always felt uplifted when she would come across quotes on social media, which encouraged her to seek further unique quotes and inspirational messages to not only inspire her, but to inspire others who may need the uplift in spirit.


With a kind hearted and giving aura, Roniqua's lovely ideas to inspire others transformed into the creation of themed prints with a quirky, bold and playful twist to match each style of message. Prints are available to be placed around your home, office, study or wherever you spend most of your time, as moods can be impacted by our surroundings, people, noise, nature, music, art, pets, etc. Keeping your surrounding positive is a great way for you to have an encouragement of motivation. Going forward Roniqua had found what made her happy, and overtime the project became a business as she invested more of herself into the idea. 


As Roniqua was born in Montserrat, her direction was to highlight the name Soufriere, 'a French word, meaning sulphur and is the name of a Volcano in Montserrat, West Indies (Caribbean).  By creating the cultural connection, themes are now very influenced from the Caribbean roots and love for travelling, which is a great way for the island to be represented, and showcased for recognition. Her passion and ideas began to signify the fire and energy, so Soufriere Living was created, working with industry expert based in London to help Soufriere living with trends for the quirky images to intertwine with the quotes.



Are you hoping to gain a little motivation or inspiration? Check out the website at and browse through many designs that could be the perfect gift or addition to your home. Show your support to creatives that wish to present a meaningful impact with their work. Montserrat magazine is here to support talent, and visionary’s of the island of Montserrat to promote opportunity and development!


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Soufriere Living

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