Mental Health Day

October 10, 2018

Everything is Going to be Alright

Never let a stumble in your road be the end to your journey, things can be heavy and feel inescapable! If you are going through depression and anxiety or any other mental health disorder, just know that things can and will get better. Yes, easier said then done, but it is the little things like reaching out to people and spreading love and positivity that contributes to your own mindfulness.


Consider this not just today, but every day going forward. Lift yourself up, don't put yourself down because I guarantee what you have achieved already is great and you are on a journey, living and growing. Just remember that we are flowers blossoming, stand tall and confident in what you are presenting, its beautiful. 


Practicing Mindfulness

If you are struggling with college, relationships or any other personal conflicts here are some of our top tips on how to help you get through! 



- Keep a daily journal: This is a great way to put down all of your feelings and emotions and maybe useful to reflect back and see how far you have come/ are coming towards a happy state of mind.

- Listen to people :you can be your own biggest critique, which can add more to the pressures you may give yourself to perfect something for example an essay. Listen to what your friends and family have to say! They care about you, and want you to do well. 

- Self Love: wake up day and remind yourself of something you have accomplished, so that you can build your confidence in other projects or activities you want to do. Get to know yourself and what makes you happy so that you can continue to find your purpose. 

- Eliminate the Negatives:  Surround yourself with positivity, as your moods can be impacted by your environments, keeping positivity all around you is a great way to create encouragement within you. Monitor what you're watching, eating, and putting yourself around for your mind and body to excel and grow with nothing to hold it back. Food is a major implication, as it can act as a comfort solution,  however don't add more bad to the body such as sugary drinks, fried food etc. Change your diet to fruits and veg, and natural sources of  high vitamins and see how more energised you become with clearer thought processes. 

How to Help Someone in Need.

Support your family and friends whether it is a business, or their confidence and self esteem. Day to day we go through life, going for job interviews and really challenging experiences for us to excel and more forward in society. Sometimes there is a major tool that is forgotten, LOVE and SUPPORT. Love is the most powerful thing, though it is overshadowed because we forget to spread it or theres too much negativity going on to allow it to show. Support is something we all need, from a mothers hand behind her baby's head to telling your friends and family you care and you are there for them. A random call, could be a call to save a life. It is important we start to see the things in disguise or unseen can still impact lives.  


Here's a list of things you can do to help someone who needs it: 

- Phone or check in on a friend at least 2 times a week. 

- listen to their problems. 

- Be understanding, even take them out for a coffee to get them out into the open! 

- support their talents, projects, businesses 

- Don't be too judgemental. 

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